Hi, I'm Dror Bren

An experienced product designer with a proven record of delivering successful web and mobile projects for a variety of companies: from multinational corporations to small startups.
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I love creating products that solve real needs, simplify lives, and add some magic to the world.

My key strengths are in research & testing, working in short iterative cycles and delivering pixel perfect designs and specs.

Throughout my career I've created best in class products such as Sensibo from scratch, designed for companies at early stages such as Datorama (later acquired for $850 by Salesforce), and crafted experiences for world leading companies such as Google.

Check out some of my work

Selected case studies of product design, branding, product management, and side projects

Odo Security| Web App

Redesigned a web application that allows IT managers to manage & monitor user access to any application, server, database, and environment.

Neura AI | Product Fit

Reduced the time it takes to explain our AI product to customers from 5 months to 5 minutes.

Sensibo | Mobile App

Built an IoT app from scratch for a hardware product that is now the most popular smart-AC app in the world.

Sensibo | Branding

Defined Sensibo's identity, empowering it to compete with companies more than 10x it's size.

Datorama | Web App

Designed a dashboard that communicates complex data with simple visualizations

A Year in the Maze
Mobile Game

A concept for a super-long casual real-time text based mobile adventure game.