A Year in the Maze

Concept for a super-long casual real-time text based mobile adventure game

Conceptual Gaming

A year in the maze is a short lived concept for a mobile game I've developed with two friends during our weekends over the run of a few weeks. It allowed the player to experience a personalized explorative gaming experience. The story is that you're the game's hero, moving through a circular ring of 365 rooms.

All players around the world get moved to a new room each day, whether they played that day or not. Players that play often and explore more rooms discover more artifacts and supporting characters that turn their adventure through the maze to a richer experience.

Project Goal
Create a text based experience that conveys wonder, encourages curiousity, and feels like it's a part of a continuous narrative.

As the game's design lead I was in charge of creating a feeling of mystery, while allowing a learning curve that is simple enough that players wouldn't feel completely lost within this new experience.

Game Flow Demo