Simplifying Complex Data

Designing Datorama's monitoring dashboard

Datorama - Limitless Marketing Insights Dashboard

Datorama is a visualization and analytics platform for managing marketing campaign from different sources in one unified dashboard.
It allows marketing managers to overview all of their campaigns from one single place.

Datorama was acquired by Salesforce in 2018 for an estimated price of $850 million.

Project Goal
Create a complex monitoring dashboard based on information Datorama draws from various marketing campaigns. The dashboard was meant to simplify the work performed by marketing managers.

As an interaction designer working with Datorama I developed the graph language, meaning of the charts, the right visualizations, and overall functionality of Datorama's dashboard

Building Information Hierarchy

The charts we created for Datorama worked in a hierarchical, multi-layered way. We designed them so that high-level data will be visible on the dashboard, and from there the user would be able to click each chart and be exposed to more information when needed.

Making Sense of Color

When it comes to charts, colors can mean different things, and in the case of Datorama's dashboard we decided that each color onscreen will represent a different metric shown, that way it'll be easier for the user to connect the dots between the meaning of various graphs they see on the dashboard.

Creating a Modular System

The dashboards are modular and can be modified by the users. Creating a modular dashboard is hard, because you have to set the limits of functionality for the users to prevent them from creating screens that aren't functional. We did that by limiting the minimal size of some of the charts and by maximizing the amount of data points that can be seen in some of the charts.

Choosing the Right Formats