Building Neura's Market Success

Creating products to grow the world's leading AI platform

Neura - The World's Leading Smart AI Platform

Neura is a leader in the field of AI as a service, allowing any company to know their users better and tailor their product individually to each and every one of them, based on their unique lifestyle. Neura's product is essentially an SDK that can be implemented into any application. Once it's a part of the app it can ask users for permissions to learn from their activities and gather raw data from the phone's sensors and devices around the user. That raw data is then sent to Neura's servers to be processed and learned from. Neura's servers generate insights about the users that allow the companies to better serve them.

Project Goal
Reduce the time it takes customers to understand Neura's value from 5 months to 5 minutes.

I worked as a part of Neura's Product team, leading the efforts to define the value proposition for prospective clients, and optimize the integration funnel. As a part of that effort, I managed the company's adoption team, comprised of web and mobile developers, growth experts, visual designers, and business developers in Israel and US.

Vertical Webpages

One of the first things we did in order to make Neura's value clearer, was to switch from a mindset of 'this product does everything' to one of 'this is what Neura can do for your company'. Since a lot of our clients at the time were from the digital health field, we started by creating a differentiation between how various digital health companies can use Neura.

Demonstrating the Effect

One of the best ways to demonstrate reliability is to have big, known customers who use your product. When we started our efforts, we didn't have those, and companies were skeptical about the reliability of Neura's personalization services. In order to handle these doubths, we created a demo app that potential customers could download and easily experience Neura's value.

Since at the time we were digital health focused, the demo app we created was a medication adherence app that uses Neura's capabilities to send smart reminders to users to take their pills on time. These reminders were based on understanding when the users actually wake up, detecting when they leave home, and predicting when their expected to go to sleep.

Creating the brand to support the message

Neura's roots were in digital health. The entire story of how the company was founded is rooted in how the founders used data to personally figure out how to live with a medical condition. But as the company grew and evolved to being more than that, it was time to update the company's brand to more than just medicine. While the colors that are used remained toned-down cool colors to reflect the company's technological expertise and reliability, a warm and friendly typeface was chosen to also represent the company's humane, people-focused side. This helped us not just expand our offering to more verticals, but also look like we're not just health focused.

Expanding to More Verticals

Since Neura is a general purpose technology that can be utilized for lots of different purposes, it's risky to be perceived as a niche brand. Our initial establishment was in digital health, but in order to expand we needed to reach out to more markets. In order to do that we researched into various opportunities with potential customers and created more vertical offerings to attract more types of companies.

Creating vertical pages allowed us to reach new audiences like never before. We've initiated integrations with some of the leading companies in the world from various fields, such as insurance, IoT, transportation, mobile engagement and more.

Visualizing the Technology

Neura's technology is extremely complex, and includes processing raw data in the mobile SDK, sending information to the servers, various models that generate knowledge and insights and more. While most customers are able to understand Neura's value to their company, once they understand the 'WHY' of it, they ask for the 'HOW'. This is why we've also created various pages and infographics that explain how Neura works.

Visualizations such as the one shown here have helped us create a mutual language with developers who integrated our technology.