Simplifying the complexity of access management

Designing Odo's permissions management web application

Odo - Simple & Secure Access Management

Odo is an access permissions management and monitoring tool for controlling access to company resources.
It offers IT-managers the easiest and most secure way to manage & monitor access to any application, server, database, and environment.

Odo's zero-trust architecture moves access control decisions from the network perimeter to individual devices, users, and applications, where business-driven security policies and access controls are best enforced.

The Access Portal

This is the main screen all employees will see when accessing different services secured by Odo.

The Odo Access admin dashboard

Applications Screen

Specific Application Screen

Modular Components

A Consistent Design System

The design process included creating a design language and assets that are consistent throughout the system.  Working with an organized Sketch symbols library (icons, colors, texts, sizes, etc) made this process easy and allowed us to create a consistent language.

Overview Activity Log

Creating the Visual Language and Website to Support the Product

The brand we've created for Odo is quite unique in the field of cyber security.
It's respectful, but has a sense of humor. Smart, but not condescending. Secure, but without the doom & gloom.

These are values that were incorporated into the visual design of the product, and when we started designing the website as well we knew that the design of the website will be guided by these values as well.

We tried creating a visual language that is friendly, simple and smart.