Sensibo's Branding Process

Creating a brand that competes in a saturated market against companies 10x in size and budget

Sensibo - The World's First IoT Air Conditioner Controller

Sensibo is a smart controller for air conditioners that allows anyone to control any A/C remotely using an application.

Project Goal
Design a Brand Identity for Sensibo that will allow it to seem like a reliable established brand, despite the fact that at the time, it was a 3 people startup aiming for a crowd funding campaign.

As creative director I was in charge of all design aspects, including brand identity, mobile app, physical product, packaging, exhibitions, and even the company's crowd funding video. In regards to brand, my role was to lead the definition of the company's character and develop it into a visual language.

My very first project as Sensibo's creative director was to define the company's brand.This included defining the brand's persona, image, and tone of voice in order to position the company where we wanted it compared to our competition. 

Based on those definitions a visual language was created to represent Sensibo as a smart, reliable, and innovative product.

It starts with sketches

We've tested the directions we had by showing them to people who represented our target audience and asking them what they thought the logos feel like. Once we had an option that was more or less in the direction we wanted, we started playing with fine tuning it.

Fine tuning

And once it felt right, it was time to match a typeface and color

Implementing the brand across the board and creating a brand book

Once we knew what our brand and logo were, it guided as all along the way. It helped define the tone of voice of our crowd funding, guided us in choosing what would be the right interface for the app, how should the website look, and more. Having a well-defined brand gave us a strong basis to move on. We created a brand book to communicate Sensibo's values and visuals to our partners.

And you know it works

When you can use it for office interior, animated gifs, and of course, company SWAG!