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In the iconic Tel Aviv Velodrome structure there's a blue line that separates the elliptical cycling track from the non-competitive space at its center. In this place, where riders gather, prepare, celebrate, and recover - a sense of camaraderie is woven over weeks, months, and even years among those who train diligently to compete against each other.


The "Côte D'azur" photography series is named after the the cycling slang term for that blue line, and follows the blue line separation while focusing on the riders in the in-between space: between the wooden track and the concrete training area, between competition and training, and between top speeds and total exhaustion.


The cyclists were documented during February 2023 by Dror, a former member of one of the competing groups himself, as they prepared for the national track cycling championship and during the competition itself. Unlike sports photography that celebrates the moments of victory and breaking records, "Côte D'azur" does not feature these subjects. Instead, it captures smaller moments in vivid colors drawn from the world of competitive cycling, showcasing random everyday moments from the routine of the riders, which represent their personal and collective journey on both sides of the blue line - the "Côte D'azur."

Curator: Roni Kochavi

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